Complete Kit To Secure Vehicles Through The Rims On Flatbed Trailers

  • Professional operators choose Vulcan automobile tie down systems to haul millions of vehicles every year
  • Vulcan is recognized as the most qualified, most experienced, car tie down manufacturer in the world
  • Easily trailer any car, truck, SUV, or sports car
  • Convenient 4-pack of straps covers all four corners of your vehicle
  • Specifically designed for low profile vehicles with exotic rims
  • Harness has virtually no metal parts, reducing the risk of vehicle damage
  • 12' straps for easy, damage-free tensioning
  • Bold, professional look is ideal for high end towing applications
  • Assemblies include thick yellow Vulcan Classic webbing that is cut and UV resistant
  • Safe working load of each strap is 3300 lbs.
  • Pan fittings create solid attachments wherever you need them on your deck
  • Flush mount fittings flip up for securement and fold down flat when not in use
  • High grade steel for extra strength and safety
  • Safe Working Load of pan fittings is 5000 lbs.
  • All hardware is plated to resist the elements
  • All components in this kit meet or exceed all DOT requirements

  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE TIE DOWNS - Professional operators choose Vulcan auto tie down systems to haul millions of vehicles every year. Vulcan is recognized as the most qualified, most experienced, vehicle tie down manufacturer in the world. Work with confidence, knowing that this complete kit of (4) 2" x 144" loop style rim straps, (4) snap hook ratchet buckles, and (4) 1/2" flush mount pan fittings is backed by the 50 years of manufacturing expertise that only Vulcan can provide.
  • HEAVY DUTY TIE DOWN WEBBING - Vulcan Classic Yellow tie down webbing is durable and specifically designed to work with ratchet buckle tensioners. The tiedown webbing is coated for UV and cut resistance, and is tough enough to hold up to the tensioning pressure of the ratchet buckle.
  • INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH COMPONENTS - These heavy duty, car tie down units include smooth O-rings and a cordura wear pads. The polyester 2'' tie down webbing is coated for UV and cut resistance. The smooth O-rings reduce strap wear, while the cordura wear pads also reduce strap and vehicle damage. The snap hooks on the ratchets mate with side rails and D rings. The 1/2" pan fitting accepts most tie down hooks. It folds down flush to your deck and stores out of the way when not in use.
  • SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION FOR ADDED SAFETY AND COMFORT - The wide ratchet handles deliver a superior grip and comfort for easy use even when wearing gloves. The pan fittings fold flat to store safely in your trailer deck, reducing tripping hazards. The webbing is light weight and easy to handle, yet exceptionally strong and durable.
  • SAFE AND COMPLIANT - Safe working load of 3,300 lbs. is stamped on the warning tag of each strap for easy inspection. The safe working load of 5000 lbs. is displayed in raised lettering on the pan fittings. All Vulcan vehicle transport products meet or exceed all CVSA and DOT specifications, and comply with NACM recommendations. You will be compliant for any roadside inspection, and you can work with confidence using Vulcan products - a name you can trust.
More Information
StyleClassic Yellow
Length144 Inches
Width2 Inches