Keep your truck fully lit and DOT compliant with our complete line of emergency lighting products.
Full Size Amber Warning Light Bars or Wrecker Light Bars are perfect for large trucks. Mini Light Bars and Flashing Beacons are ideal for smaller vehicles, or can be used in tandem on larger trucks. Hide-A-Way Kits, Strobing LEDs, Dash Lights, Visor Lights and Head/Tail Light Flashers add additional warning power. Traffic Advisors and Arrow Boards keep vehicles moving around your work scene. Stop/Turn/Tail and Marker Lights keep your truck DOT compliant and looking sharp. Work Lights and Driving Lights illuminate your work scene or the road ahead. All of our truck lighting products meet or exceed all applicable DOT and SAE regulations. Components are available most lights from most manufacturers. If you don't see what you need, just ask! One of our truck light specialists will be happy to assist you at (888) 918-8150, or
  • Beacons


  • Cab Lights

    Cab Lights

  • Dash Lights

    Dash Lights

  • Flashlights


  • Fog & Driving Lights

    Fog & Driving Lights

  • Head & Tail Light Flashers

    Head & Tail Light Flashers

  • Light Bars - Mini

    Light Bars - Mini

  • Light Bars - Full Size

    Light Bars - Full Size

  • Hide Away Kits

    Hide Away Kits

  • Light Bar Components

    Light Bar Components

  • Marker & Strip Lights

    Marker & Strip Lights

  • Mounting Accessories

    Mounting Accessories

  • Portable LED Flashers

    Portable LED Flashers

  • Stop - Turn - Tail Lights

    Stop - Turn - Tail Lights

  • Strobes & Flashing LED

    Strobes & Flashing LED

  • Switch Panels

    Switch Panels

  • Tow Lights & Wide Load Bars

    Tow Lights & Wide Load Bars

  • Traffic Directors

    Traffic Directors

  • Work Lights

    Work Lights