G120 Chain Lifting Slings w/Sling or Grab Hooks

Grade 120 Overhead Lifting Slings - Highest Strength OSHA Approved Lifting Chains

Grade 120 lifting slings have a 50% higher Safe Working Load than traditional grade 80 slings. Strong square chain means smaller, lighter slings without sacrificing strength. The square link profile delivers improved wear resistance, because the increased surface contact between links spreads wear evenly. G120 chain is also 38% more bend resistant than grade 80 chain, and has an unmatched 6:1 safety factor (compared to 4:1 on grade 80). The powder coated blue finish provides easy identification and maximum corrosion resistance. Each sling is individually serialized and embossed with the type and safe working load of the chain, and includes an individual certificate of test for your files. All G120 slings meet or exceed all NACM and OSHA regulations.