Bulk Chain For Tie Down And Lifting - Take Advantage Of Super Low Drum Quantity Pricing

Purchase your chain in bulk and create custom assemblies designed exactly for your specific tie down or lifting application. Our complete line of bulk chain includes High Test Grade 43 chain, Transport/Binding Grade 70 chain, Alloy Grade 80 chain, High Alloy Grade 100 chain and Super Duty Alloy Grade 120 chain. Grade 43 and 70 are generally used for equipment tie down or bulk material transportation. Grade 80 and above are OSHA approved for overhead lifting and are also good for heavy equipment or steel coil transport. We even offer the latest in chain technology with our Square Link Grade 120 Super Duty Alloy chain. This is the strongest chain in the industry and has an unmatched strength to weight ratio, so you can use a lighter chain to get the job done without sacrificing working load. Of course, all of our chains are individually embossed and certified to DOT and OSHA standards.