Tow Chains & Straps

Tow Chains & Straps - Professional tie down accessories for trucks & wreckers

Truck n Tow is the most comprehensive and trustworthy source anywhere for Tow Straps, Tow Chain, Car tie down straps, auto hauler chains, specialized tow truck tie downs, and lifting straps. We offer configurations in chain and straps to fit almost every type of Tow Truck, Heavy Duty Wrecker, Rollback Tow Truck, and Car Transport ranging from the traditional Auto Hauler to even small individual racecar trailers. Here you will find every tie down hook, tow hook, frame hook, and clevis hook. You will find Tie Down Systems and Tie Down Kits for flatbed hauling of cars and equipment.

Professional operators and tow truck fleet owners can choose from EVERY grade and type of chain and straps for your particular towing or vehicle recovery job. We stock Recovery Straps up to 12” Wide and three ply thick 50,000-pound capacities, and Round Sling Recovery Straps up to 104,000 pound working capacity. Safety Chain assemblies, chain hooks, chain fittings, chain shackles are all one click away. Choose from Grade 43 High Test Chain, Grade 70 Transport Chain, Grade 80 or Grade 100 alloy chain, or the strongest grade on the market Grade 120 Chain and assemblies.

Need Assistance?

Truck n Tow is proud to have the most qualified Car Tie Down and Towing Products experts in the industry available to help you. Call Truck n Tow at 888-918-8150, email or give the Live Chat a click. We are here to help you get the right answers to your questions.