• Kit Includes (2) 4" x 30' Ratchet Straps And 20 Large Heavy Duty Corner Protectors
  • Higher safe working load than standard 4'' ratchet straps with chain anchors
  • Certified 24,000 lbs. polyester tie down webbing is coated for UV and cut resistance
  • Webbing is dyed blue for easy identification versus other straps with lower safe working loads
  • Sturdy steel wide handle ratchet and end fittings are coated for weather resistance
  • Secure your load for transport on flatbed trailers with heavy duty industrial tie down straps
  • Chain anchors mate easily with side rails, D rings, stake pockets, and other chains
  • Safe working load of 6,600 lbs. is stamped on the warning tag of each strap for easy inspection
  • Meets all DOT specifications
  • Extremely strong and resistant to cracking
  • Distributes pressure of straps across a wide area
  • No individual point bears the entire load
  • Prevents pressure marks on cargo
  • Significantly extends strap life
  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • Color may vary, standard color is blue
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE TIE DOWNS - Professional operators choose Vulcan cargo control tie down systems to haul millions of loads every year. Vulcan is recognized as the most qualified, most experienced, industrial tie down manufacturer in the world. Work with confidence, knowing that this kit of (2) ratchet straps and (20) heavy duty corner protectors are backed by the 50 years of manufacturing expertise that only Vulcan can provide.
  • AMERICAN, FAMILY-OWNED BUSINESS, BASED IN DETROIT, MICHIGAN SINCE 1959 – VULCAN is proud to be based in Detroit, MI USA. We have always been family owned and operated, and are now in our fourth generation of trucking and towing supply experts. Make sure you know who you are buying from. Don’t settle for cheap knockoffs sold by the latest foreign company. Buy from the US based company that designed the products originally. Buy from VULCAN.
  • INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH COMPONENTS - These heavy duty, industrial tie down units include Grade 70 chain anchors on both ends. The certified polyester 4 inch tie down webbing is coated for UV and cut resistance. The chain anchors mate with side rails, D rings, chains, and stake pockets. The wide handle ratchet is designed to provide the proper ratcheting tension for load securement without use of other tools. The heavy duty corner protectors last much longer than the standard thin plastic style.
  • SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION FOR ADDED SAFETY AND COMFORT - The large, wide handle ratchet provides maximum tensioning power and it is designed to be used easily, even when wearing work gloves. The large chain anchors are very strong, yet they easily fit into tight spaces like stake pockets. The 3/8 inch Grade 70 chain anchors allow for a full 6,600 pound safe working load, which is higher than standard 4 inch ratchet straps with chain anchors.
  • EXCELLENT FOR LARGE OR HEAVY LOADS - The 4 inch wide webbing provides more coverage than traditional 2 inch or 3 inch ratchet straps and the increased working load of 6,000 pounds is ideal for safely transporting large equipment, or heavy, valuable cargo. The straps are much gentler on loads than chains and they are much easier to handle for drivers or loaders. Improved ergonomics and superior holding power make these straps a wise choice for flat bed transport.
  • SAFE AND COMPLIANT - The safe working load of these chain anchor ratchet straps is 6,600 pounds. All Vulcan cargo control products meet all DOT specifications. You will be compliant for any roadside inspection, and you can work with confidence using Vulcan products - a name you can trust.
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Weight52 lbs.
Pack QTY1

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