Universal Design Secures Any Size Tire For Transport And Provides Scratch-Free Hauling Because No Metal Contacts The Rims Or Vehicle
  • Professional operators choose Vulcan automobile tie down systems to haul millions of vehicles every year
  • Vulcan is recognized as the most qualified, most experienced, car tie down manufacturer in the world
  • Easily trailer any car, truck, SUV, or sports car
  • 8-Point tie downs fit any tire, and attach easily to D rings on your deck
  • Self-Adjusting "cinch up" design snugs around the tire for quick loading
  • Soft, yet sturdy, metal-free cross straps protect valuable rims from damage
  • Vehicle rides on its own suspension, eliminating shock transfer that can damage a vehicle in transit
  • Easily secure the vehicle for transport while standing on the ground for extra driver safety
  • VULCAN Classic yellow webbing is cut and UV resistant
  • Snap hooks mate easily and securely with D rings on your deck
  • Snap hooks and ratchets are zinc-dichromate plated to resist the elements
  • Convenient 15' strap length is long enough to haul almost any vehicle safely
  • Safe working load is 3300 lbs. per assembly
  • Meets all DOT regulations
  • Note: Always secure any vehicle for transport by four points.
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Width24 Feet

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