ANSI Standards and Requirements

Understanding MUTCD Requirements And ANSI Classes

Excerpt From The Latest MUTCD Law:

The area where mandatory use of traffic control devices has expanded beyond Federal-Aid Highways and now covers all roads open to public travel. This includes any road where a car can drive without passing through a traffic control gate, including private property. All workers within the right-of-way are required to wear high-visibility safety apparel that meets Performance Class 2 or Class 3 of ANSI/ISEA 107.


ANSI Garment Class Definitions:

ANSI class 3

ANSI CLASS 3 - Highest level of reflective material and maximum conspicuity. Specified for workers in or near moving traffic, who must focus their attention on their work, and not on traffic avoidance. 

ANSI class 2

ANSI CLASS 2 - High level of reflective material and excellent conspicuity. Specified for workers in or near moving traffic, who may occasionally be distracted from traffic avoidance.  

ANSI class E

ANSI CLASS E - High visibility pants that are worn without other ANSI compliant garments are considered Class E apparel. When class E pants are combined with other ANSI class 2 or 3 apparel, the entire outfit meets ANSI Class 3 requirements. 


NON ANSI - Colored and reflective clothing that provides an additional level of safety for low-risk activities. Non-ANSI apparel is generally used for parking lots and other non-roadside safety environments.


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