Certified For Confidence And Compliance

  • Lightweight, strong and gentle on valuable loads
  • High pick count 9800 pound industrial sling webbing
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA requirements
  • Clearly marked with rated capacities
  • 6', 8' and 10' standard (call for special lengths)
  • All measurements are bearing to bearing
  • Two ply slings have fully sewn bodies for extra durability
  • Choker configuration cinches up around your load
  • OSHA approved warning tag sewn on to every sling
  • Doubled sewn tapered eyes for longer sling life
  • Polyester  slings also work for vehicle recovery
  • Custom slings lengths available
    Sling Width Ply Vertical WLL Choker WLL Basket WLL
    4" 2 11500 lbs 9200 lbs 23000 lbs

  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE LIFTING EQUIPMENT - Professional operators choose Vulcan lifting products to safely lift millions of loads every year. Vulcan is recognized as the most qualified, most experienced, lifting manufacturer in the world. Work with confidence, knowing that this sling is backed by the 50 years of manufacturing expertise that only Vulcan can provide.
  • STRONG, LIGHT AND VERSATILE - Fully sewn bodies for extra durability.
  • INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH CONSTRUCTION - This sling has doubled sewn tapered eyes for longer sling life and high pick count 9,800 pound industrial sling webbing.
  • PROPERLY RATED WITH YOUR SAFETY IN MIND - This lifting sling has a Safe Working Load of 11,500 Pounds (V), 9,200 Pounds (C), 23,000 Pounds (B). The rating is based on a 5:1 safety factor. 5:1 is the correct safety factor, recommended by the WSTDA, and our lifting slings are always rated properly. BEWARE: some other suppliers on the market do not rate their slings at a full 5:1 safety factor, which is not safe and can be very misleading to the user.
  • SAFE AND OSHA COMPLIANT - The a Safe Working Load of Safe Working Load of 11,500 Pounds (Vertical), 9,200 Pounds (Choker), 23,000 Pounds (Basket) is clearly marked on the heavy duty tag that is sewn onto the sling. All Vulcan lifting products meet or exceed all WSTDA specifications, and fully comply with OSHA recommendations. You will be compliant for any inspection, and you can work with confidence using Vulcan products - a name you can trust.