Over-the-tire single straps are the number one specified soft tie down assemblies in the world. This system takes all of the guesswork out of single strap tie-downs. Use this foolproof system to latch onto pre-placed d-rings, then simply ratchet down and haul away.

  • Strap tensions away from the vehicle, greatly reducing the risk of damage
  • Ideal for low clearance applications
  • Harness tensions around the tire, and does not contact the towed vehicle frame
  • Towed vehicle rides on its own suspension, eliminating shock transfer
  • Optic Orange Extra Durable VULCAN PROSeries webbing combines extra durability with a soft, gentle touch
  • 67% more abrasion-resistant, 30% more resistant to edge cutting than standard webbing
  • Edge yarns are specially treated with hard plastic fiber
  • Unique latching wire hooks attach to anchor points for easy tensioning
  • Hardware is zinc dichromate plated for maximum weather resistance
  • Sliding cordura tube wear pad included with every strap to extend product life
  • Complete Set-up Kit includes 4 Complete Straps and 12 recessed anchor points
  • Meets or exceeds all DOT regulations

  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE TIE DOWNS - Professional auto haulers choose Vulcan automobile tie down systems to haul millions of vehicles every year, and Vulcan is recognized as the most qualified, most experienced, car tie down manufacturer in the world.
  • UNIQUE PROSERIES WEBBING - Vulcan PROSeries webbing is 67% more abrasion-resistant, 30% more cut-resistant for maximum durability and extra-long service life.
  • EASY TO USE - Each strap includes three double-J wire hooks, a heavy duty ratchet buckle, and three rubber tire cleats. The three point anchor system secures tires for transport and is designed to fit tires of any width. The system allows the vehicle to ride on its own suspension, eliminating shock transfer.
  • INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH COMPONENTS - The double-J wire hooks fit into standard auto hauler ''pooch holes'' or ''star holes'', the ratchet tightens the strap, and the strap surrounds the tire and tensions away from the vehicle.
  • SAFE AND COMPLIANT - Safe working load is stamped on the warning tag of each tie down straps for easy inspection. All Vulcan tiedown straps meet or exceed DOT specifications.