• The Latest Features And Technology For Superior Off-Road Recovery Performance
  • Vulcan Off-Road Recovery Ropes are made from high quality materials and use the latest braiding and coating technologies. Our ropes are designed for safety, ease of use, and durability. When you get stuck in mud, sand or snow, choose a Vulcan Off-Road Recovery Rope to get back on the road fast. All Vulcan Off-Road Recovery Ropes have a durable, waterproof polymer coating which extends product life and makes cleanup easy.
  • Heavy Duty Professional Grade Materials:
  • Double braided nylon rope is strong and flexible
  • Waterproof polymer coating is soaked into rope fibers
  • Spliced and whipped eyes are durable
  • Large eyes make attachment easy
  • Polymer coating is waterproof, highly durable and UV resistant
  • Technology Features:
  • Polymer coating repels dirt and washes easily
  • High elasticity is ideal for snatching applications
  • Rubber coated eye tips for protection and grip
  • High strength to weight ratio for maximum pull and easy handling
  • Double braid construction absorbs shock and stores energy
  • Extra pulling power kicks in when stored kinetic energy is released
  • Benefits Of Rope Versus Straps, Chain And Wire Cable:
  • Stronger and lighter than steel cables
  • 2-3 times stronger than nylon flat straps
  • Safer than steel if the line breaks due to overload
  • Easy to handle and use - no metal splinters
  • Smooth rope reduces injuries and vehicle damage
  • Durable, flexible, abrasion and heat resistant
  • Rope will not curl, kink, bend or pinch itself
  • Floats for easier shoreline recovery
  • Polyurethane coated eyes provide protection and add strength
  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION - VULCAN offers innovative products for car owners and enthusiasts. Our premium items are ideal for tying down larger vehicles. The OffRoad Recovery Rope is an example of our quick and high-quality road recovery solutions. These 1 1-1/2 inch x 30 foot ropes are made of premium quality materials that are guaranteed to last and perform well on all types of terrain, including mud, snow, and sand. Use this kit for your car, truck, SUV, ATV, UTV, or snowmobile.
  • AMERICAN, FAMILY-OWNED BUSINESS, BASED IN DETRIOT, MICHIGAN SINCE 1959 – VULCAN is proud to be based in Detroit, MI USA. We have always been family owned and operated, and are now in our fourth generation of trucking and towing supply experts. Make sure you know who you are buying from. Don’t settle for cheap knockoffs sold by the latest foreign company. Buy from the US based company that designed the products originally. Buy from VULCAN.
  • WATERPROOF AND UV RESISTANT - Compared to other recovery kits, VULCAN foots Off-Road Recovery Rope is highly flexible and durable thanks to its double-braided nylon construction. Each rope fiber has been soaked in a waterproof polymer coating so that users don foott need to worry about using these tow ropes on wet snow tracks or when it foots raining. The polymer coating has UV-resistant features.
  • INCREDIBLE BREAKING STRENGTH - The VULCAN Off-Road Recovery Ropes feature high elasticity, which is perfect for pulling applications. This product has a breaking strength of 74,000 lbs. with rubber-coated eye tips for a secure grip and extra protection. The high strength-to-weight ratio provides easy handling and maximum pull. Plus, the double-braid construction aids in absorbing shock and storing energy. The stored kinetic energy is released when you need that extra pulling power.
  • BETTER THAN CHAINS OR NYLON STRAPS - If you want superior overall performance, then VULCAN foots recovery ropes are right for you! These are two to three times stronger than flat nylon straps and lighter than steel cables, giving you the best of both worlds in one package. The double-braided ropes are safer to use than steel if the line breaks due to overloading. You won foott get metal splinters, and the smooth tow rope reduces vehicle damage. This item is highly resistant to heat and abrasion.
  • GREAT VALUE - For an unparalleled towing product, go with VULCAN! We offer professional-grade accessories at a low cost, giving you dependable vehicle recovery equipment without making you burn through your budget. Thanks to the polyurethane-coated eyes, these pull ropes will not curl, kink, bend, or pinch. You can rest assured that the smooth ropes will not leave any deep scratches on your car and are built to last.
More Information
Weight21 lbs.
Safe Working Load74000 Pounds
Length30 Feet
Width1.5 Inch
Pack QTY1

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