Maximum Protection For Your Load And Your Tie Downs

  • Made from 100% pure polyethylene
  • Extremely strong and resistant to cracking
  • Distributes pressure of straps across a wide area
  • No individual point bears the entire load
  • Prevents pressure marks on cargo
  • Significantly extends strap life
  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • Superior weather and UV-resistance
  • Color may vary, standard color is blue

  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE EQUIPMENT - Professional truck, trailer, and flatbed operators choose Vulcan cargo control products to haul millions of loads every year. Vulcan is recognized as the most qualified, most experienced, tie down manufacturer in the world. Work with confidence, knowing that this heavy duty corner protector is backed by the 50 years of manufacturing expertise that only Vulcan can provide.
  • PROTECT STRAPS AND CARGO - Protect your straps and chains. Corner protectors extend strap life while reducing tie-down related damage to your valuable load.
  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE CONSTRUCTION - Each corner protector is made from 100% pure polyethylene, which is extremely strong and resistant to cracking and UV damage. The heavy duty protectors distribute pressure of straps and chains across a wide area so no individual point bears the entire load. This prevents pressure marks on cargo and significantly extends strap life in the field.
  • STRONG, DURABLE, AND LIGHTWEIGHT - Vulcan corner protectors are extremely strong and resistant to cracking, UV damage, and weather. The abrasive power of edges and corners is buffered. Corner protectors are also lightweight for easy handling.
  • SAFE AND COMPLIANT - Vulcan cargo control products meet or exceed all CVSA and DOT specifications. You can work with confidence using Vulcan products - a name you can trust.