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Tire Chain Racks

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Clearly the most versatile tire chain rack on the market today, this product was good enough to earn a U.S. Patent. This tire chain rack bolts to your truck frame and is designed to hang your chains on either side of the carrier. The chains are secure from theft when the hinged lids are covered by the front locking plate which can be padlocked. Thanks to the unique double lid design, only five inches of overhead clearance is needed to access your tire chains. This is especially desirable when the chain rack must be located under the cab, flatbed, drop deck, or where trailer overhang is unavoidable. Conventional chain hangers require you to either take the lid off or tilt it lengthwise for access, and removable lids are often forgotten or blow off. Each rack holds two triple and two single sets of tire chains. Weather resistant coating fights the corrosives that are found on today's roads. Racks are often used in sets, one on each side of the truck. Dimensions: 24" long x 7.5" wide x 9" high Weight capacity is a function of how securely it is mounted to your chassis.

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