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54 Inch Vulcan Classic Web Bridle With Forged Long J-Hooks

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Long 15" J-Hook For Extra Reach On Large Vehicles

  • Professional operators choose Vulcan towing and tie down products to haul millions of vehicles every year
  • Vulcan is recognized as the most qualified, most experienced, car tie down and towing manufacturer in the world
  • Forged Grade 70 Columbus McKinnon 15'' towing j-hooks are ideal for hauling larger vehicles
  • Extra thick 3'' wide, 3-ply tie down webbing is cut and UV resistant
  • Each leg contains over 7 feet of webbing, is sewn 3-ply, and has an overall reach of 54'' from the inside of the master ring to the cradle of the hook
  • Hooks and d-rings are plated for maximum weather resistance and extended product life
  • Wear pads are sewn inside of the webbing eyes for even more durability under harsh towing conditions
  • Forged grade 70 15" J-hooks feature geometric design and secure axle straps through the d-rings
  • Heavy duty 3/4'' forged pear master ring hooks up to almost any winch cable hook
  • Safe working load 4700 lbs.
  • Meets or exceeds all DOT specifications

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Customer Reviews

Great price works great Review by GearHead 73
This is so nice I always worry if I pull a new style car out of ditch I'll scar bumpers with chained ones. Also trying to find hook up points for tow ropes you have to crawl under and hope you can find something safe. They are always buried in the snow in the ditch. I'm getting older and the long hooks and center hook point is great because you do not have to crawl so far under and get a even pull. I just used it to remove an old 1980 Ford 350 4x4 for a guy that's been wanting it removed. It was so tight I had to use my tractor.

(Posted on 3/10/2017)