Wider Design for Maximum Light Distribution


  • Double V-mirrors for superior light dispersion
  • Widest variety of warning lighting in any single bar.
  • Wider design provides better light distribution
  • Improved intersection and clearing angles
  • Sloped end domes for better vehicle contour image
  • Adjustable lights for optimal positioning of light output
  • Patented Shock-Mounted rotator system
  • Designed to provide long-lasting, quiet, rotator operation
  • Dual ball-bearing rotator spindles for quieter operation   The Interceptor 36" and 46" all amber bars Feature: Two halogen rotators Two fast halogen rotators   The Interceptor 46" features: One low speed halogen rotator Two high speed halogen rotators Two large V-mirrors Four 4.5" strobes with a 4-head remote power pack  

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