The Roadwarrior ramp system is engineered to ensure safer, faster deliveries. The ramps are built to last, with a unique reversible design that doubles ramp life. If the traction ever wears down on one side, just turn the ramp over to reveal a brand-new walking surface. The aggressive traction nodules are staggered across the entire surface to provide maximum slip resistance. Open, full traction castings prevent the build-up of snow, ice, mud, produce or other debris. The raised button, perforated apron surface provides a safe transition from the ramp to the trailer deck. Dual built-in handle grips allow for quick and easy set-up and storage, and the handles stay out of the way during product offloading. Roller casters located under the ramp allow it to glide easily in and out of the carrier, reducing strain on the user. Magnesium castings make the ramps lightweight and easy to handle, yet incredibly strong and durable. Choose the Roadwarrior for rear deck applications. 1,000 lbs. work capacity.