Jump Start Your Vehicle Without The Need For Another Vehicle To Help

  • Jump-starts vehicles easily and safely, without the need for another car
  • Supplies power for phone/tablet, in any emergency situation
  • Battery lasts 4X longer than SLA jumpers between charges
  • Small design is portable so you always have it with you
  • Holds a charge for up to 1 year, jumps a car in less than 30 seconds
  • Includes 2 USB outlets and built-in 3-function LED light
  • Power: 10,800 mAh (equal to 18AH SLA jumper)
  • Battery: Lithium Cobalt (LiCoO2) (UL listed for safety)
  • LED display shows % of battery life remaining
  • Detachable 10 AWG Jumper Cables (easily storable)
  • AC and DC rechargers (recharge in vehicle or at home)
  • High Impact resistant housing with rubber edges
  • Components store in convenient drawstring bag