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How to Select and Order Certified Nylon Lifting Slings

How to Select and Order Certified Nylon Lifting Slings

To select and order certified nylon lifting slings
1. Determine the maximum weight and size of the load to be lifted.
2. Determine the type and length of the sling needed to fit your application.
3. Determine the number of plies and web width required to lift the specified load.
Refer to the working load limit chart provided on the main nylon slings page.
4. Click on the part number that corresponds to the correct sling for your application.
You'll find a list of available lengths to add to your cart.

The part number is actually a code that describes each sling exactly. For example, if you want a 2 inch wide, 3-ply, 15 foot long eye and eye sling, you would simply order an NSEE3-92-15.

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All Vulcan certified nylon lifting slings are marked with a Rated Capacities Tag:

Use and Inspection

Before each use, all slings, all fastenings, and all attachments should be inspected for defects or damage. Additional inspections should be performed on a regular basis. Damaged or defective slings should be removed from service immediately.

Removal Criteria
A sling should be removed from service if damage such as the following is visible, and should only be returned to service when approved by a certified sling manufacturer.

1. Acid or caustic burns
2. Melting or charring of any part of the sling
3. Holes, tears, cuts or snags
4. Broken or worn stitches in load bearing splices
5. Excessive abrasive wear
6. Knots in any part of the sling
7. Excessive pitting, corrosion, cracking or distortion in end fittings
8. Other visible damage that causes doubt as to the strength of the sling

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