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Cold Shuts

Product Name Price Qty
Cold Shut - 06mm, 1/4" - SWL 750 lbs. Sku: CS06 Weight: 0.04
Cold Shut - 09mm, 5/16" - SWL 1250 lbs. Sku: CS09 Weight: 0.09
Cold Shut - 12mm, 7/16" - 2650 lbs. Sku: CS12 Weight: 0.28
Cold Shut - 13mm, 1/2" - SWL 3500 lbs. Sku: CS13 Weight: 0.44
Cold Shut - 16mm, 5/8" - SWL 4500 lbs. Sku: CS16 Weight: 0.88
Cold Shut - 10mm, 3/8" - SWL 1900 lbs. Sku: CS10 Weight: 0.20
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Cold shuts offer a permanent repair link for G30 and G43 chain. This simple design is strong enough to hold for the life of your chain, but very easy to install. Simply thread the cold shut through the plain end of the chain, insert the plain end of the cold shut through the hole, and peen it over with a hammer. Perfect for rolling repairs. Must be matched to the working load limit of the chain, typically by selecting a cold shut one size larger than the chain. Do not use for overhead lifting.

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